World Wildlife Day: Remembering the forgotten species!

The World Wildlife Day  has made us recollect some of the names inhabiting in our natural ecosystem such as  monkey, giraffe, horse and lion among many other animals. However, there are various other animals who are a part of the diverse wildlife of the world. They are the neglected species overshadowed by the common ones.

 As the world celebrates World Wildlife Day, let us remember some of the rare species of the world that have been discovered long back but are yet not that common among the masses:

1. Aardvark 

Many may not be familiar with an Aardvark. It's a concoction of a pig, a rabbit and a kangaroo. It flaunts a pig's body structure, a rabbit's well-rounded ear and a long tail like a kangaroo. Commonly found in South Africa, Aardvarks are extremely fierce in nature. They are excellent diggers and usually come out of their burrows at night to prey on insects and termites.

2. Impala

Impala's are the among the most gracious antelopes of the African wildlife. They've gained their name from Zulu language predominant in South Africa. They are quite similar to other antelopes. What differentiates them from others is their ability to control the process of childbirth. Unlike other antelopes, if weather conditions are not suitable, they often delay giving birth to their offspring till a month.  Well, that's the beauty of their being.  

3. Llama

Found in North America, this species is known for its dominating and aggressive nature. They usually spit in anger. Another interesting fact about them is that they possess vocalisation skills just as a ferret. Llama can produce a variety of sound with the help of his ear, tail and body postures. 

Peru's national symbol constitutes a llama. 

4. Newt

Newt is a reptile with the ability to regenerate. Like a lizard, it can regenerate its limbs. However, it can also regenerate its eyes, spinal cord, heart, intestines and jaws. That is its unique feature. Usually located in Britain, Newts believe in an elaborate courtship just like humans. They try to charm their lady by their charismatic walk and display of sensual moves.   

5.  X- Ray Tetra

X-Ray Tetra is an aquatic animal. It's named as X-ray Tetra as it possesses some mind numbing features. An X-ray machine is used to look through the skin to see the bone structure within a body. Similarly, this fish has a body structure of bones covered by a thin layer of skin that makes it easy for others to see it's bone structure. This differentiates it from the other fishes in the water bodies.

(Written by Ishita Kapai)