World Sacred Spirit Festival starts in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, Feb 27: Casting a spell on the visitors with qawalis, tap dance, poems, Indian classical dance (Kathak) and Robab (a traditional lute musical instrument of Afghanistan), World Sacred Spirit Festival (WSSF) commenced with magic of music and dance here. The three day festival, that started on Friday, focuses on artistes from across the world who make their bodies sacrosanct with language of vocal and physical rhythm. With the venue being the majestic Meherangarh Fort, the festival is being presented by the Meherangarh Museum Trust. The ninth edition of the WSSF festival started early morning with Sardar Gurdaya Singh, the Sikh Dhadhi poets from Punjab, followed by Fanna Fi Allah's Qawwalis  Hailing from Canada, US, Pakistan and India, the group performed at Chokhelao Bagh in the fort which is an open lawn while Yulduz Turdieva displayed the Bukhara tradition hailing from Uzbekistan. In the day time, children aged eight-ten brought a smile to the faces of the listeners in the scorching heat with their powerful yet innocent voices and art of playing different musical instruments such as the dholak, khamaicha, tabla and Sindhi sarangi. Clad in crisp white indian attire -- kurta pyjama and colourful turbans, the group of 15 children called Langas and Manganiyar performed with much zeal and unmatched energy. The little ones with milk tooth and big kohled eyes awed the audience earning much accolade and chocolates. While that was just the day time with the sun showing off its brightness, the the evening had its own romantic breeze flowing in the mesmerising fort which has its own history to tell. With different coloured lights in the background, the open fort was like the base to all the sounds of music with artists getting lost in their performances, immersing listeners who have come to be a part of the spirited festival. Master of Robab, Daud Khan Sadozai charmed the audience with sufi devotional music at Zeynana Deodi courtyard. With his own style of performing, artiste Tamango tap danced to Indian musical beats, collaborating with khamaicha, tabla and dholak artists. Tamango hails from French Guiana, US and is known for collaborating with different arts and artists of whichever city, country he goes to perform. He as also worked with tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain.