Won’t extend odd-even trial period beyond Jan 15: Delhi govt

New Delhi: Delhi government today dismissed the reports that it was planning on to extend the odd-even trial period for restricting cars from running in Delhi beyond January 15.


Claiming the reports to be “false”, minister of Transport, Gopal Rai, said that there would be thorough examination of the trends and data collected during the trial period after January 15. “The trial period won't be extended," he asserted.


Citing the inconvenience Delhiites were facing from the scheme, Delhi High Court had earlier enquired of the Kejriwal government to explain why its experiment to ban private cars on alternate days should last more than a week.


After which, the Delhi government on Friday replied to High Court that it would be after the analysis of the 15-day report on pollution data that they would consider going forth with this odd-even scheme.


The High Court of Delhi has reserved its order till Monday: the day when the fate of odd-even arrangement would be decided.


By: Mayank Mohanti