Women will not get middle seats on Plane!

NEW DELHI: Women flying solo in a Vistara plane are allotted only window or aisle seats and not the middle ones and the airline is also providing them assistance with baggage as well as transport on her arrival at the destination. On an average 70-100 women passengers travelling alone have availed of the service, #VistaraWomanFlyer, every day and a total of 8,000 have signed up for it since the launch of the scheme in March, the airline said. The scheme, #VistaraWomanFlyer, also lets women select their preferred seat at the time of booking a flight as well as during web check-in.

A top official of the full-service carrier said that these women-centric moves were offered following feedback gathered from passengers. "We observed the preferences of solo women travellers on our flights, and noticed that they often sought assistance on ground upon arrival at their destinations, mostly either regarding their baggage or to reconfirm the safest and most reliable options for airport transfers.

"As part of this optional service, solo women travellers are not assigned middle seats, again based on feedback and intuitive thoughtfulness," Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, Vistara, Sanjiv Kapoor told PTI. In order to avail help with baggage or with transport, passengers need to approach Vistara staff at baggage claim area holding a #VistaraWomanFlyer placard, he said, adding that they will also be extended help with booking a taxi and escorted up to the vehicle. PTI