Woman’s 'FB love interest’ turns out to be his ex-husband

Bareilly: It was hard for them to tolerate each other. Thus, they decide to mend their ways and got divorced.

However,their search for love again brought them to each other.

According to reports, an ex couple here took to Facebook to find new love and a fresh start to their shattered lives.

They used pseudonyms to hook up with someone better.

After browsing on the site for months, the man found somebody "very interesting". Around the same time, his wife too met an "exciting prospect" on the net. The chats started soon and, about three months later, the "boy and girl" decided to meet.

A day was fixed, a time set and a restaurant agreed upon. But when the hour arrived, and as luck would have it, the two were aghast to find out that they had in fact been chatting with each other.

Both got the shock and an argument broke out immediately, Cops were called in to intervene.

Reports claim, as it was a purely a personal matter so no police complaint was filed