Woman IAS officer insults Gandhi, hails Godse, wants Bapu pictures from notes

New Delhi, June 1: IAS officer Nidhi Chaudhari has been involved in controversy over the tweets about Mahatma Gandhi. The NCP is demanding her suspension.

Nidhi had tweeted against Mahatma Gandhi, demanding that his face should be removed from currency notes.

"Exceptional celebration year is going on for 150 years. This is the chance when we remove his (Gandhi) face from the notes. Remove all the sculptures from all the places of the world and change the name of the institutions and road named after them. It will be a real tribute," Nidhi had written on her Twitter.

"With this, the fund said thanking Godse, "Thank you Godse for 30.1.48," she added.

However, after the controversy broke out, Nidhi removed her tweet.

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Photo: Google Image