Woman discovers husband's affair midair, flight diverted after ruckus

New Delhi, Nov 7: A man was sleeping blissfully in a flight en route Bali on a Qatar Airways flight, then suddenly he got a rude shock.And it was not a bad dream but he was awakened by his wife who unlocked her sleping husband's mobile only to discover that he was having an affair. Unable to take this, she turned violnt and created a big ruckus in the flight. Unable to contol the wrath of this Iranian woman,the flight had no other option than to force land the fligh in Chennai.

The plane was flying from Doha to Bali when the pilot was forced to land in Chennai because of the unruly woman passenger.  On conditions of anonymity an officer of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) said,“The incident took place on Sunday morning. The Qatar Airways flight QR-962 (Doha-Bali) was diverted to Chennai after the pilot requested for it citing unruly passenger on board as reason. The woman and her husband along with their child were offloaded and the flight departed for Bali.”

As his husband slept, she put his finger on the phone to unlock the phone.

The pilot diverted the flight to Chennai, where the family was de-boarded. The plane went ahead to Bali leaving them in India. When the wife sobered down family was sent to Kuala Lumpur by Batik Air flight 6019 for further travel to Doha.