Wish Surj well for his future career: Manj Musik

New Delhi: Singer and music composer Manjeet Ral, who is popularly known by his stage name Manj Musik, says he wishes his brother Surjeet Ral well, even though they are not making music together. Manj and Surjeet, who is known for his stage name Surj RDB, initially belonged to the Punjabi band RDB, but split soon after their elder brother Kuljeet (Kuly) succumbed to cancer in 2012.  Asked what went awry between the two brothers, Manj told IANS over an e-mail from Canada: "Difference of business ethics. We have different goals and aspirations in life. I wish him well for his future career. We decided to leave RDB as a legacy in the name of our older brother who passed away." Manj, Surj and Kuly together in the band RDB composed foot tapping numbers like "Shera di kaum", "Aloo chat" and "Aja mahi". But the "Desi hip hop" hitmaker says in the future he doesn't want to risk releasing "a song using Kuly Paaji's (brother) repertoire and then have the fans say it's not upto the mark". "It's best to leave RDB as a legacy with a great memory etched in the minds of the fans and build your own empire," he added.  Does he ever plan to get back with Surj and collaborate?  "Kuly Paaji and I were the brainchild behind RDB's success and Surj was always working on the administrative affairs of the band. So getting back ideally would not create RDB all over again, if anything I would need to get back with Kuly Paaji to create RDB but he's with the universe now," he said.  The emotional 31-year-old musician said it was Kuly's dream to make good music and "be ethical about the way you create a niche and that's something I'm taking forward". "I wouldn't really want to share credit for the hard work with anyone who doesn't constructively contribute to the music," Manj said.