Will Smith's date with Dubai

Dubai: Hollywood actor Will Smith says Dubai's vibe and the desire to be the best is what draws him to the city. Smith, who recently visited the emirate for a special red carpet screening of his latest film "Suicide Squad", says it is one of his favourite places to be. "I came here for the first time about 15 years ago, during a time when they said 40 per cent of all of the world's cranes were in Dubai, and the entire skyline was cranes. When I landed I thought that's how I would build a city if I was making one," Smith said in a statement. “It really flows with who I am. You never know why a city speaks to you. It's just the energy of progress, the people, the design, the ideas. Everything has to be the best in the world and I love that energy," he added. Adventure, family fun and sports, Smith has done it all here. His favourite thing to do “hands down” is taking in the spectacular view of The Palm Jumeirah from the air. “Shout out to my squad over at SkyDive Dubai!” he said when asked what his top Dubai activity is. “I brought my kids here and we jumped together.” But once is not enough for the adventurous actor, who admitted he's opted for the adrenaline-pumping jump at least five times. He also takes a cue from his 15-year-old daughter, Willow, who visited Dubai last year with her brother, Jaden. “She FaceTimed me from out in the desert on a camel,” he revealed. “That was just so beautiful; a cross of technology with the old style of transportation.”