Why you shouldn't be scared of failure

                Why are you scared to fail? There are about 37 infant deaths per 1,000 live births around the world! If you made it through your first breaths, then you for sure can envision success in life! Success is a measure of your capacity as a human. It isn’t just the money, the fame or the accolades, what it does for your self-worth is worth much more! Thus, here are two tips you can remember to boost your confidence towards achieving what you set out for:





               Firstly, have the right perspective. Turning failure into a catastrophe isn’t helpful. Keep failure in proper perspective and choose to be grateful for what you have left. Whether it’s your health or having a roof over your head, there are always things to be thankful for.

                Secondly, failure shouldn’t be personally taken.   Just because you didn’t get a project you were vying for, or a client passed you on for another competent party doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Instead, focus on things you can change. Like doing your best and focusing less on outcomes that you can’t change.

                Thus, if you fail, it’s an opportunity to sharpen your skills. You gain more insight, you realize your weaknesses and you focus on solutions rather than what went wrong. Also,  you just can’t be bogged down by people’s comments, their opinions and their views  on what your potential is. you’re potential is a culmination of your thoughts, your abilities, your confidence and your grit. You’re potential is determined by You and You only.  When you realize your potential, that’s when a dream is born, that’s when you’ve turned from a caterpillar to a butterfly.