Why you should NEVER swipe to close down WhatsApp on iPhone

New Delhi, Nov 8: If you are an iPhone user you must be getting an error msg while you try to close the WhatsApp with a swipe. 

People using WhatsApp on an iPhone running iOS 11 are being shown a message which warns people not to close it down by swiping up however this is not an issue in the latest iPhone X.

Usually, every user closes down apps by double-clicking the Home Button and then swiping up to close.

But WhatsApp users are being warned to do so - even though there's no other way of closing the messaging app.

Whereas on iPhone X, the user needs to swipe halfway up and then hold the app and then swipe to close.

But on older iPhones, swiping to close the WhatsApp give an error message which reads,"Swiping to close WhatsApp can prevent you from receiving notifications." which means users will not be alerted while receiving new WhatsApp messages.

An iPhone user tweeted to the Apple's tech support team for the same with a video of the error message.



As per reports, this problem started after Apple launched iOS 11, which introduced a change in the way users view notifications and these messages which pop up whenever messages or alerts are received.


Further reports suggest that this issue would be fixed in an upcoming update.