Why Vinod Khanna renounced filmdom to be with Osho

New Delhi: You need a heart to leave everything behind you; name, fame, money, relationships—in quest of spirituality to be one with the Lord. It needs a strong heart to do so. But a nonconformist as he was, for Vinod Khanna it was not tough. At the zenith of his career, he renounced everything. There was a big furore in the industry and amidst his fans.

One fine day in 1982 he called a press conference along with his then wife Gitanjali and sons Rahul and Akshay. He announced that he was leaving everything behind to be with his master Osho Rajneesh at Rajneeshpuram in USA. This shocked the entire media team there.

His mother’s death had shocked him and he, therefore, wanted to turn to spirituality for solace. He was with Osho for five years.

Life was never smooth after that. Financial constraints forced him to be back. By then his wife Gitanjali also divorced him. He returned as Swami Vinod Bharati. At aashram, he was doing gardening and cleaning dishes besides unravelling the mysteries of life alongside his master.

So loved was he by his peers and fans that he got a rousing welcome as he still had not diminished from the memories of his fans and friends. And he returned to give his fans two super hits Insaaf and Satyamev Jayate.

Vinod Khanna breathed his last on Thursday morning and succumbed to bladder cancer at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Girgaon in Mumbai.