Why Tawang pricks China.. 5 facts

New Delhi: The two strong neighbors India and China seldom are on amicable terms and the reasons are plenty. The main among them are the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Tibet, Dalai Lama, the water-as the sub continent's major water supply comes from the Tibetan plateau, Azhar Mahmood, China opposing India's UNSC bid and many others. But there is also a history for this pathological hatred which dates back to the India-China War in 1962. Chinese claim over Arunachal is also for asserting its claim on Tibet.

1. Arunachal Pradesh, which is full-fledged state in the Indian territory is called South Tibet in China. China has some historical claims on the territory but Geographical location favours the Indian territory and the people of the state are also with India.

2. The main controversy is over the Tawang tract which is in the Northern part of  Arunachal Pradesh where lies India's largest monastery and an ancient trading center. China claims its claim on Arunacham Pradesh is historically correct. But nobody knows the actual history of the state. It does have some historical temples but then it also has the influence of  Tibetan, Burmese and Bhutanese culture.

3.  China knows that in the changing world of geopolitical realities India is its main contender in the region and therefore it just cannot forego its claim on Arunachal Pradesh strategically. Dispute on territorial issues are just symptoms of larger policy differences between the two countries.

4. China follows expansionist foreign policy and therefore Indo-China relationships has major border conflicts. India is a big deterrent in China's dream of becoming the super power. It was in 1914 when British India negotiated and and got Tibet to accept region of Tawang and the area south of it belonged to India. But China was not happy with this and to this date it detests and refuses to accept the accord. 

5. Dalai Lama and The government in Exile of Tibet are major concerns for China and India has openly honoured and supported Dalai Lama and his cause. The monastery in Tawang built in 1681 by the Tibetan lama Lodre Gyasto complying with the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama Nagwang Lobsang Gyasto is in Arunachal Pradesh and therefore Arunachal Pradesh continues to prick China.