Why should India maintain friendly relations with Pakistan?

New Delhi: It is not for the first time that whenever India tried to initiate friendly relations with Pakistan, the country through its non-state actors — knowingly or unknowingly — has back-stabbed us, and put the friendly endeavours in question.

With current terror attacks on Pathankot Air Force base and the forthcoming visit of Narendra Modi to Pakistan in coming months, here are 5 reasons why India should resume its dialogue with Pakistan even after Pathankot attacks:

1) Both the countries have already witnessed the horrendous horrors of three major and an undeclared war in the year 1947, 1965, 1971, 1999 respectively. Since independence, the Kashmir issue has always been on board between the two countries and the world can’t see both the nuclear states go raging against each other.

2) The Pew Research Center in 2014 noted that China maintains strong strategic balance with Pakistan which has got India wary. Also, given the regular military incursions of India and China into each other's territory and rising friendly relations of China with Nepal, Pakistan is now vital for India more-than-ever.

3) India is an emerging economy. The onus of taking it to new heights has fell on the present government. Waging war would drain a lot from the economy, which in turn, could be utilised for the growth of nation.

4) Our nation has been struggling for a permanent seat at United Nations Security Council for a very long time, and it’s high time we act than blame the previous Nehru government for refusing the offer. After sorting out issues with our immediate neighbour and solving the differences by means of bilateral dialogue, India would strengthen its claim for the permanent seat.

5) As we and others refer India as the world’s largest democracy, it has always been our nature to settle disputes and disagreements by peaceful means; here, by following bilateral dialogues efficiently.

6)  Sushma Swaraj's promise of Modi’s visit to Islamabad for SAARC summit and then the unexpected short-time arrival of the very prime minister on Nawaz Sharif’s birthday proves the willingness of the two nations to fight against terrorism and strengthen relations for the future prospect.  

Written by Sanjeevani Jain

Edited by Mayank Mohanti