Why is Varun hiding his face?

New Delhi, Nov 8: The current smog situation in Delhi has unfortunately become one of the most serious issues in the country right now. With many others, Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan moves forward to take a step ahead and join the other flock of supporters wanting to bring the change and making the city healthier. 

He was seen posting a selfie wearing a mask in Delhi. Varun captions it “I have clicked this selfie to show you guys what actual smog looks like. I don’t want to preach I am equally to blame for this mess as most of the citizens of our great country, but now instead of blaming each other and the government let’s change. It’s time we go green. #delhichokes”.

In order to spread awareness, many other celebrities have been promoting and pleading people to control pollution and increase the standard of living. Kareena Kapoor Khan has also been endorsing a certain air purifier brand which helps you breathe clean air.