Why is Modi obsessed with Congress, wonders Rahul


Gandhinagar, Dec 10  Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that he could not understand Prime Minister Narendra Modis obsession with the Congress, despite his claims to have wiped the party out of India.

"On one side, Modiji says that he has wiped Congress out of India. If that is so, why he ends up speaking about the Congress half the time in his election rallies," he said at a public meeting here, reiterating that the election is neither about him nor Modi but about the future of Gujarat and Gujaratis.

Gandhi said that although Modi uses foul language against him but he would never resort to such language.

"The Prime Minister uses foul language against me, but I would never do that because Rahul Gandhi respects the office of Prime Minister. I am not going to utter a single word against the Prime Minister. This is what our party, Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel have taught us," he said.

Gandhi said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had started out to contest the state assembly elections on "Narmada waters" but had to take a "left turn" just a few days later when the common people said they got no water from Narmada dam and "all the water went to Tata's Nano car plant".