Why is Kangana so obsessed with Hrithik?

New Delhi, Sept 2: The ugly tiff between Kangana Ranaunt and Hrithik Roshan has been one of the most controversial acts in the film industry. Where, Kangana has always been everyone's favorite after her super hits like 'Tanu Weds Manu' and 'Queen', her outburst with shocking revelations about her relationship with the actor, Hrithik Roshan after all these years have been in reports.

In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Kangana stated “There are so many things that happen in extramarital things really. Look at what happened in the Malayalam (actress) case. What that man did to her for a complaint to his wife. He got her raped, got her videos circulated. All this only happened now but girls get pregnant, they get shot, they get killed for things like these. Of course, I feared for my life,”

Unwrapping things about her alleged affair with Hrithik, she claimed wanting an apology from Hrithik and his father Rakesh Roshan publicly “I’m still waiting to meet him face-to-face and exchange two words on this and sort this out, but he’s been running and hiding from me. He (Hrithik Roshan) and his father (Rakesh Roshan) have made fools of themselves, they should apologize to me in public. Even if they don’t, I will clarify to the world what happened to the case. The case has not died down. They couldn't prove anything.” At the show, Kangana stated that Hrithik misused her email account “I never knew he will send so many emails to himself from my account. I even complained to his father that I don’t know what your son is up to. He used to stay logged in to my account throughout the night. Then his father (Rakesh Roshan) promised to help me but he never did. Ultimately, I shut the account.”

The various revelations by Kangana have shaken the fans with no means. It is only after Hrithik confronts will the real story unfold itself.

On the work front, Kangana is currently shooting for her Rani Jhansi biopic, Manikarnika, while Hrithik is reported to start working on a film 'Super 30'.