Why is Akshay Kumar afraid of Salman?

New Delhi, Nov 24: A-listers of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, and Salman Khan are reported to have a cold war that Akshay now is trying to put an end to.

Since the past few weeks, the wake some issues have been tangles between the two stars. According to the reports, a report suggested “For starters, Salman Khan dropped out of the film which is based on the battle of Sarahgarhi, Kesari, which he was to co-produce along with Karan Johar. The Kick actor backed out after he realized that his friend Ajay Devgn was making a film on the same subject. He was earlier in the dark about developments on Ajay’s side,”

Other than this, there were more reasons for the unexpected silent tiff between the two. Where, Salman's former manager, Reshma Shetty starting picking Akshay for the same projects and TV shows that Salman was doing, Salman, on the other hand, did not take it well.  “It was not a fair practice because the agency knew all about Salman’s work, and price, among other things. So, Akshay being pitched for the same projects was not welcomed by Salman,” said a source.

Though Akshay was uninformed about things earlier, and when he tried to make it up and clear with the 'Tubelight' actor, Salman isn't seen responding to the peace offer yet.