Why exactly China hates Dalai Lama: Know the facts

New Delhi: China appears to be very touchy on the Arunachal issue to ascertain its claim on Tibet. China has said time and again that it will nominate the next Dalai Lama who will toe the Chinese line and will agree that Tibet is a part of China. So the present Dalai Lama does not exactly fit the bill for China. Tibetans all across the world revere him as their spiritual leader and cultural icon. The pathological hatred of China for Dalai Lama, who virtually challenges the former's whims and fancy has root in histories.

A celebrity across the world is a hated figure in China:

 Dalai Lama may be a celebrated holy figure across the globe but he is a much hated trouble maker in China which considers him a "wolf in holy robe" for challenging the soverignity of China by asking for freedom. But Dalai Lama says that all he is asking for is autonomy to sustain and protect Tibetans' culture and religion. Seen as a rebel who initiated a rebellion against China in Tibet in 1959 after which he sought a political asylum in India.

The cause is in the history of the region:

The monastery in Tawang was built in 1681 by the Tibetan lama Lodre Gyasto complying with the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama Nagwang Lobsang. Dalai Lama is the inheritor of the same order and is therefore despised by China. China wants its own choosen Dalai Lama on the holy seat.

Dalai Lama's globe trotting irks China

Though Dalai Lama openly says that he has never demanded for a complete independence from China, the latter feels that he has not given up his dream of a 'Greater Tibet'  and it sees Dalai Lama's global tours as strategies to make lobby and build pressure groups therefore pushing for his political goals. What adds fuel to the fire is the fact that Dalai Lama mostly meets world leaders who are not very good friends of China-- for example the American President and for that matter, even the Indian leaders.

His peaceful initiatives have further isolated China:

Dalai Lama won the Nobel Prize for peace in 1989 further isolating China in the eyes of the world and further putting pressure on it through celebrity endorsements like that of Richard Gere. So indirectly it is the good peace-loving humble Dalai Lama vs the power hungry and strong China. China hates this positioning.

Tibet is a sensitive issue for China:

For China Tibet is a core sensitive issue. And China finds it insulting when Dalai Lama is accorded a VIP treatment akin to the head of a state and it cahllenges China's soverighmity.

The words such as 'freedom' and 'human rights' used by Dalai Lama and his followers to win sympathy world-over is highly objectionable to China. And for India the issue of Tibet and Dalai Lama both  are means to settle scores with China and keep its reins in hand.