Why Deepika loves Ranveer...Secret is out

New Delhi, Oct 11, News24 Bureau: There were frequent reports about Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's marriage this year. There are reports that both will be married in Italy in November.

There is a constant discussion in the media about this matter. Recently, when Deepika became a part of a program and a media person asked her about her marriage, she made it clear that she will not say anything at this time. She will not answer this question.

But their love for each other can't be denied after seeing them together many times.

Recently, in an interview with Femina magazine, the actress said, "When there are people you connect with in your life, your relationship is bound to evolve. It should move forward. I think both of us have managed to find that in each other. It feels great to find someone who is dependable, who you can trust, who puts you before himself." 

The actress also said that Ranveer is her best friend.

Though the couple has denied opening about their marriage, a report of PinkVilla revealed that they both will make an official announcement about the same on October 17.