Why Children are so passionate about cricket today

Trisha Malhotra, New Delhi, Nov 14: Children today are most passionate about cricket and cricketers. For them Sachin Tedulkar is their God, MS Dhoni their idol and Virat Kohli their hero. 

 Everyone wants to become a cricketer. How do you judge if he really has it in him?

Such is the awareness about cricket that the best heads are identified at school level itself. Cricket happens to be the most popular game in India and with IPL throwing numerable opportunities, the local clubs, schools and colleges give enough exposure to wannabe cricketers. 
Although hockey is the national sport of India cricket begets much more excitement and a greater fan following than the official national sport.  In fact no other sport in India can claim the position of cricket in respect to its popularity and revenue generation.
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Maharashtra to Assam, boys playing gully cricket is a common sight. In fact it won’t be an exaggeration to say that cricket for Indians is a religion and a major binding force across the country.

India often makes it to the top teams of cricket, scores high among the reasons. In its nearly 70 years of history after independence, the biggest international success of India is the World Cup victory in 1983, which the Indians still hold dear to heart. Subsequent appreciable performances in other World Cups and international tournaments have much to do with the huge.
We Indians hold our head high as we are among the best in the world. 

Many popular cricketers also have their own academies and institutes and getting a proper training in these institutes also throw ample opportunities f the child is really talented.

“Says Mr Bunty from Sumeet Dogra Cricket Coaching Institute who train children in cricket at the Chilla Sports Complex in Delhi, “It is not that ‘jangal mein mor nacha kisn dekha’ (who will come to know if a peacock dances inside a thick jungle). If your child plays good cricket, be it bowling, batting or fielding, anything, he will be picked up immediately by the local cricket authorities. Head-hunters in this fiel are very active and the names from remote places of India in IPL is a clear example of this.”
Bornali Das, a resident of Vasunhara Enclave, Delhi, whose two boys played good cricket and was often picked by the club to play on different platforms has her own part of woes, “I’m a working mother an mu husband is out of Delhi most of the times as he has a travelling job. For me it is a major concern as to who will take them for regular practice. And it becomes further cumbersome if he has to be taken to the venue where he has to play with other schools or academies.”
But trusting the streaks of a good cricketer in her boys she went out of the way to nurture the passion of her boys. She arranged for a van with a trusted driver and all children of the society go in the van together for the cricket coaching. The same van is now used by the Academy if the children have to play matches with other institutes. “My problem is solved,” she says, “and my elder one is now representing the state.”

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