Why can’t my child take a leap in sky, dig soil with his heel?


Renu Baliyan, New Delhi, Nov 14: It was a Dangal Déjà vu! Yes, my elder son came yelling out of the room as the younger one had given him the taste of his fiery bouts. What, how can a 13-year-old spread a 15-year-old on floor? And the stamp of approval came from none other than Sangram Singh, the famous wrestler for the world but a very dear family friend for us. “You have to believe me bhabahi, your younger one is amazing, and he has such perfect moves and grooves. I tell you, you must make him a wrestler?” he said enthusiastically.

What? A wrestler? What will be his future? How can he make a career out of it? Sportsmen have shelf life in India? What happens if he has some fatal injury? Will the State stand with me? These and several questions that arose in Delhi-based Sudheshna Ghosh’s mind are the same which keep crawling inside every parent’s mind.

Every child is born unique, but how many parents are brave enough to nurture and qualities that go beyond academics? Parents in India feel that the best and the most secured thing for their child is if he gets admission in a renowned or not-so-renowned medical or engineering college. A four-year course followed by a job. His life is settled.

Very few have the heart to go beyond the clichéd and be at the child’s side if he wants to pursue a career in music, dance, some sports or wants to become an athlete?

Where will he get a professional training, who will take him there every day after school, how much will be the expenses? This and many other similar queries keep hounding the parents.

But an intelligent review of the situation gives a realistic picture. How many engineers and medicos land a dream-job. Wasn’t expenses incurred there too? Why not go beyond the obvious and help child get a career he loves. Why his passion for arts or sports cannot be translated into a career.

And now the digital world is changing all this. If your child has it in him, he can find multiple platforms. Look at Sachin Tenulkar, Sania Mirza , Shah Rukh Khan, Mary Kom, Mitali Raj. Can a doctor, an engineer, a bureaucrat match their fame and popularity?


Do you see streaks of an athlete in your child? How you discovered it when you saw him fighting with his elder brother or when he won laurels from neighborhood when he ran fast and caught hold of a chain-snatcher.

Well, if see your child has it in him, don’t stop. Let him take a leap and kiss the moon.