Who is this gorgeous police officer? Men are queuing to get arrested without crime

New Delhi, Nov 23: A viral picture of a gorgons an sexy police officer in Punjab is riving people crazy. Every single man in the state is ready to get arrested if this police officer comes to handcuff him. What is so special about this police officer?
Kainaat Arora aka Harleen Mann is extremely beautiful an some pictures of hers shared on the social media is making her a hot news.
The fact is that Kainaat is playing the character of a police officer named Harleen Mann in her upcoming film Jagga Jiundae.

The lady had to clarify this on Instagram, adding that she had been bombarded with messages and posts after the picture went viral. Her photo of a woman in the Punjab Police uniform went viral on social media. The badge had the name Harleen Mann embossed on it and she is believed to be an SHO with the law enforcement force.