When Aamir Khan punctured Vidya Balan's ego

Mumbai: Vidya Balan is one versatile actress who does not mince words and calls a spade a spade. And this 'bindaas' attitude is seen even when she spills the beans about her vulnerable sense. And this frankness is also reflected in the type of roles she does. 

In her upcoming film Begum Jaan Balan is seen manning a brothel who picks up gun to save her home in the backdrop of Partition. While talking to the press during the film promotion she was candid enough to admit that her life size ego has been punctured by none other than Aamir Khan. 

It so happened that when she was an upcoming actress she went to attend the funeral of one of her Bollywood colleagues. As she reached a bit early the entire media rushed towards her but the moment Aamir Khan came into the picture the entire media rushed towards the star leaving her in cold. This hurt her badly but when it was explained by her family that this attention that Aamir Khan got was because of the good films he did, all her ego fizzled out.