WhatsApp users here are 6 new features for you

New Delhi, Dec 16- WhatsApp has been seen testing various new features lately, including consecutive voice messages, private reply, picture-in-picture mode dark mode, and QR codes. You all can try them out on WhatsApp Beta which allows their users an early access to the latest features in testing. To become a beta tester, just simply click on the link WhatsApp beta tester.  and become a WhatsApp beta tester. However, WhatsApp beta is very well recognized for having bugs and crashes, so be aware of what you’re getting into. You can as well opt out of beta by following the same procedure by clicking on  WhatsApp beta tester link.some new WhatsApp beta features:-Consecutive Voice Messages:This new feature of Whatsapp allows automatic queuing of voice messages. All you have to do is to just tap on the play button and WhatsApp will play all the voice messages in proper sequence for you. This feature was dappled on WhatsApp beta for iOS (v 2.18.100) and is only available in the code of Android Beta version (v 2.18.362) which is likely to be enabled remotely.

-QR Codesin spite of sharing your WhatsApp number digit-by-digit, you are soon going to share your contact details through a QR code. For the safety of customers, they can as well revoke the QR code which then stops it from letting other future users scan the code to get any contact information.QR codes are not at all new to WhatsApp though. WhatsApp requires customers to scan one when logging into WhatsApp via their desktops/WhatsApp web.-Dark Mode:kind of straightforward—a mode which turns everything that’s bright and lively into a darker theme in order to use it during Night time, so it’s going to be less harsh on your eyes.-Group Call Shortcut:soon after the group video and audio calling feature was introduced on WhatsApp, the only way to make group calls has been by calling one person first and then tapping on the group calling button on the call screen in the top right corner in order to make a group Call.WhatsApp is going to change this behavior by introducing a standalone button in order to make a group call, but only in group chats.-Simply tap on the button-select the friends you wish to call- select if it will be voice or video call. This feature as well showed up only in the iOS beta version of the app (v2.18.363).

-Media Preview:This feature will allow the users to preview any media directly through your notification tray. So you could simply swipe down on the message and view the photo, video or audio sent to you without even opening the application itself. This feature will not be available to everyone, the users with iOS devices being the ones to receive this feature more often than others.-Picture-in-picture:When a user clicks on the YouTube link sent by someone on his/her WhatsApp, the system immediately triggers the YouTube app to open. With this beta feature, users can watch the YouTube video in a box hovering over the chat window, which helps in saving you with multiple taps on the recent button.

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