WhatsApp users, here's big news for you

WhatsApp in its latest update has rolled out two-step verification security feature for its users on Android, iOS and Windows. 

As per the new security feature, users will be able to verify their numbers on their new device more securely by using a six-digit passcode.

But how much secure or useful is this new feature? Here are four reasons why you can ignore this new feature.

1) Mail trail or trouble?

In its latest update, Whatsapp has asked its users to register their e-mail with the app for the recovery purpose. However,  it is not mandatory and totally up to the users need, but if users forget to assign an e-mail address he/she will have no option to recover the forgotten password without entering the e-mail address for next seven days from the last time app has been used. 

2) Mail verification and exposed to promotions

Most of the time it happens when users opt for two-step verification but forget to verify their e-mail which opens an easy window for hackers or pranksters. Only after users mail id confirmation company can figure out if the user is providing a genuine mail id. Unwanted promotional messages and security threats are inevitable if users don't verify their mail ids.    

3) Risk of deletion of chats post re-verification

As per the new two-step verification process if user reverifies their account after 7 days without a passcode, then that user will lose all pending, upcoming or unseen messages upon reverifying - they will be deleted. On another way, if users reverify their number on WhatsApp after 30 days of last using WhatsApp, and without a passcode, then the current account will be deleted and a new one will be created post reverifying.

4) Annoying passcode remembering exercises

Just like other apps which enable annoying pop-ups and advertisements, Whatsapp may also ask its users to enter passcode periodically helping users to remember it but unfortunately, the only way to stop it by turning off two-step verification.