WhatsApp group with BJP MP caught lauding the killer

New Delhi, Dec 11: While everyone around the country is criticising the brutal Rajsamand killing in which a Hindu man hacked a Muslim man and later burnt his body allegedly as revenge for 'love jihad'.

But there are still some people in our society who are glorifying this heinous crime. According to the reports published in Indian Express and India Today messages sent in a WhatsApp group have surfaced online which attempted to laud Shambulal Raigar, the accused in the horrific killing case, they not only tried to glorify the killing act but also warned those who attempt the 'love jihad' will face the same.

The most interesting thing about this WhatsApp group (Swachh Rajsamand Swacch Bharat Group) is that this group is not of the common public but of a local BJP worker Prem mali which was made to take Government of India's cleanliness campaign to the people, the group also has Kiran Maheshwai, senior BJP leader and minister in the Rajasthan Government and BJP MP Hariom Singh Rathore as members. 

One of the members of the group also demanded the release of Shamballa, sought financial assistance of minimum Rs 500 from those who support Shambulal.

Another message in the group reads, "Love Jihadiyon saavdhan jaag utha hai Shambu Laal Jai Shri Ram".

Another message reads that Sukhdev Singh will fight Shambulal's case.

However, Prem Mali who is admin of the group, later on, removed these people who posted such messages.