WhatsApp explains how to identify dangerous accounts to block


New Delhi, Dec 6: WhatsApp will soon launch a brand new app called WhatsApp Business. The company has also published some important details about WhatsApp Business accounts on its website under FAQ.

WhatsApp Business will be altogether different to the regular version of WhatsApp and details published on the website are tips to identify verified Business accounts and non-verified Business accounts.

Users can check their contact's profile to see which type of account they're using 

A WhatsApp business account with a green checkmark badge in its profile means it has been verified as “an authentic brand”.

A WhatsApp  Business account with a grey checkmark in its profile means it has been confirmed to be using a phone number that matches the phone number of the business it claims to be owned and operated by.

A Business account with a grey question mark badge in its profile means that the account hasn't been confirmed or verified by WhatsApp. So these are the ways to identify the various business accounts

 Fake business accounts could prove to be even more dangerous than regular spam accounts, as these accounts may ask for your personal details, such as payment information or email address but the good thing is that, you can block Business accounts if you find them suspicious.