What will PeeCee wear for Meghan Markle's wedding?

Over the course of her career, Vera Wang has grown her one-store bridal line into a fashion and lifestyle empire that spans a wide range of gowns and garbs - from formal to semi-formal to lavish red-carpet stuff. 

Because of her focus on feminine details and perfectly placed drapes, her garbs are just about short of masterpieces. Thus, she would be perfect person to design PeeCee's dress for Meghan Markle's Wedding. 

Here are three of her signature styles that would be perfect for PeeCee: 

* Blush Gown: A great color to accentuate exactly the way the bride is feeling. They also infuse alot of personality and tons of feminine appeal to your garb. The various frills are great to accentuate your gown with more oomph. The off-shoulder gives a much-needed boost to your pa-thonka-thonk! 

* This Kinda golden is the stepsister to your champagne dress (which is quite common at British weddings).  You aren’t as innocent as the girl that wears the silvers, but you are still wholesome. Champagne can be a great outfit if you want to get away from the traditional colors, but who don’t want to stray too far. Its also the right amount of sparkle. The length is great cuz PeeCee has a great pair of legs, and the flower on the side gives it a differing factor. 

* Something New? Something Blue? Dreamy, soft and utterly romantic the color just makes you feel like those ice-maidens that men dream for. Such a strong hue of blue also helps you make a big splash amongst various celebrities at the wedding. The cuts at the waistline accentuate your arms and PeeCee has great arms.