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New Delhi, July 20: The death of former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit will affect the Congress' dream of bouncing back in the upcoming Assembly polls in the city as she leaves a vacuum due to lack of any leader of her stature.

Dikshit, 81, who served as Delhi Chief Minister for three consecutive terms from 1998 and 2013, was re-appointed as the party chief in January, ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, to strengthen the party in the city.

She had first become the Congress' Delhi chief in 1998 and led the party to the power that year. She repeated the victory in the next two polls to serve as Chief Minister for 15 years. With Assembly polls slated for next year, the party was expecting that her appointment could lead to a similar result. However, her sudden demise will make the party's dream all the more difficult.

Dikshit's leadership spelled hope for Congress's revival in the city, as under her leadership, the party's vote share in this Lok Sabha polls had increased.

After ruling in the city for 15 years, the Congress had secured a vote share of 24.55 per cent in the 2013 Assembly polls, which dropped to just 9.65 per cent in the 2015 Assembly polls.

In the recently-held Lok Sabha polls, the Congress's vote share went up to 22.46 per cent from that of 15.10 per cent in 2014.

But with her absence, the increasing factionalism in the state unit and no Central leadership, the party's task is becoming all the more tough.

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