What could Sonam and Mahira collaborate together on?

After a fairytale wedding and a star-studded reception, Sonam Kapoor is highlighting the Cannes Film Festival. When she walks down the iconic red carpet on May 14 and May 15. She has quite a good repertoire with the "chicks" in Bollywood. Her besties are some of the A-listers in Bollywood, and she along with her sister Rhea Kapoor has been making a-lot of strides with women-oriented content and socially-relevant content also. 

The actress, that is heading to the festival to fulfill her brand ambassador duties and make a fashion statement or two while she is at it, has another reason to look ahead to gracing the event. The newly-married star took to Twitter to share her excitement to meet Pakistani actress Mahira Khan at the do. They are at the helm of a sea-change in cinema where women actresses can carry the weight of a movie on their shoulders. 

Just for sakes of curiosity, which movie could they remake (from Hollywood) that would be a superhit in Hindi? According to me, it would be Legally Blonde from 2001. 

This movie is empowering and inspiring, and we should all be a little more like Elle Woods. Don’t judge us. Elle was authentic, confident, true to herself, ambitious and determinate, a total bad-ass. 

The perfunctory, implausible setup has Elle, a postfeminist girl with only marriage on her mind after graduation from a Los Angeles university, jilted by longtime beau Warner Harrington III (Matthew Davis). Determined to get elected to the U.S. Senate by age 30, this rich kid on his way to Harvard Law School can't afford the tag of a blond airhead for a wife.

Predictable, cutesy and surprisingly short on genuine humor, Legally Blonde gets by thanks to the magnetic and gullible presence of Witherspoon. 

The pic should star Mahira Khan, Sonam has more experience while Mahira is the perfect gullible one and also - Ranbir should be the male lead and should be able to open well in fans all over India. 

Also, wouldn't you be excited to watch Mahira spurn out Elle’s epic answer: “You got into Harvard Law? What? Like, it’s hard?”. Her win in court over the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance. Her graduation speech: “It is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world, remembering that first impressions are not always correct. You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself. Congratulations class of 2004 .We did it!”. And of course the Bend and Snap.