Watch video:This is what PM Modi did on hearing Azaan

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi and Salman Khan are on the same page as far as Azaan is considered. PM Modi works 18-hours a day, but unlike Sonu Nigam 'Azaan' does not disturb him, ditto for Salman Khan.

While Sonu Nigam took to twitter to say nasty things about the Azaan on louspeakers, and explained how it was disturbing. On the other hand, on hearing Azaan PM Modi and Salman did something on public platform that speaks volumes about their character and personalities.  

First video shows, how PM Modi stopped his speech midway on hearing Azaan. He remained silent throughout the Azaan. Once Azaan was over, he started again. Listen to what PM Modi said about Azaan in his speech.

Similarly, for Salman Azaan is more important than his professional work. this was evident, when he stopped his speech mid way at the Big Boss press conference.

Surely, Sonu has a lot to learn from people who are bigger stars than him!