Watch videos without spending data or money, here's the trick

New Delhi, Nov 28: YouTube Go app which was launched back in April as a beta version but now available for everyone.YouTube Go is a video-centric application just like Youtube but with some special features. The latest YouTube app can even work if users have no internet connection or slow data speed. The app was mainly introduced for developing countries or for the people who don't have access to the internet. Now available in India.

Dubbed as a toned down version of YouTube, the app allows you to watch a video, share or download them even with slow or no internet connection.

Android users can download YouTube Go app from Google Play store mentioned as YouTube Go (Unreleased) right now while iOS users still need to wait.

YouTube Go allows users to watch videos without buffering even if your internet is slow. Users can also watch the videos unlimited times with no extra data cost while they can download videos from YouTube and save it on your phone and also choose how many MBs you want to use on videos. Users can also share offline YouTube videos with your friends via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.