Watch Today's Chankaya Post Poll Analysis only on News24 @ 4pm

New Delhi: Will PM Narendra Modi pass in his `Mid-Term Pariksha', you will come to know on March 11. But News24 will give you a glimpse of the results two days before the actual results are out.

In a special programme 'Post Poll Analysis' on March 9, the News24-Today's Chanakya team will give you the political picture in the five states that went to poll. Today's Chankaya, one which struck bull's eye in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, is known for its accurate poll analysis.

On March 9, tune in to 'Har Hindustani Ka Channel' News24 for special broadcast 'Post Poll Analaysis' at 4 pm to watch the best poll analysis and accurate result prediction in the states of UP, Uttarakhand and Punjab. The probable results will be aired after 5:30 pm onwards, as directed by the Election Commission    

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