Watch: The Huntsman: Winter's War trailer

Universal Pictures have unveiled a new trailer of ' Snow White and the Huntsman' prequel movie. 

The new trailer digs deeper into the story of Huntsman's (Chris Hemsworth) origin, who was raised to be a warrior in the army of Queen Ravenna's (Charlize Theron) icy sister Freya (Emily Blunt). Eric and Sara (Jessica Chastain) were Freya's prime fighters, until she banished them for falling in love. 

Years after Ravenna's defeat, Freya attempts to take the Magic Mirror back, which results in resurrecting her sister and causes Freya to call on her two elite warriors to save everyone from Ravenna's wicked rule.

The movie is directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and is slated to release on April 22.

If you haven't seen the trailer, watch it here..