Watch: Sunny takes revenge on man who hurled a snake at her

New Delhi, Nov 27: Think at least 100 times before playing a prank on Sunny Leone because the revenge will be tough to bear. Yes, we are talking about Sunny's sweet cake revenge that she took recently from the man who hurled a snake at her. 

The crew member of Baby Doll Sunny's next film, Sunny Rajani, recently played a prank on her. But If you think that Sunny would forget it and let it go, forget it. Sunny Leone took her revenge in the most sweetest manner. 

A video in which an unsuspecting Sunny Leone was seen jumping about on Friday as a snake was hurled at her was going viral. Sunny chose Sunday to take her revenge. She took her revenge with two chocolate cakes. 

The hot actress took to Twitter to share a video in which she seeks her revenge by clandestinely plastering an unsuspecting Sunny with two chocolate cakes. Watch as she talks to the camera, saying: “Revenge is like sweet success.” A stunned Sunny starts to chase the ‘pretty’ Sunny in the midst of much mirth and laughter.

After the revenge was taken, the duo had an amazing time discussing how they laughed, with Rajani saying how he couldn’t stop laughing about how he chased her. A sporting Sunny too added that they were on the prowl for their next victim. Sunny also added that Rajani was better at pulling a prank than her.

This after Rajani had played a prank on her by dropping a fake snake on Sunny as she went through her script. A shocked Sunny was seen jumping off the chair, with arms and legs flailing.

Watch the video of Sunny's revenge below: