Was Jasleen pregnant with Anup Jalota's child last year? A insider spills beans

New Delhi, Sep 25, News24 Bureau: As usual, there is a lot of activity going on inside the Bigg Boss house and the pair which is making constant headlines is that of singing maestro Anup Jalota and wannabe singer Jasleen Matharu. Their age-difference is their talking point. Anup Jalota is almost 37 years older to the vivacious Jasleen and this has set the tongues wagging.

Now comes another secret which has been disclosed by a close confidante of Anup Jalota Aneesha Singh. Aneesha has disclosed this while talking to an entertainment website and the report says that Aneesha had witnessed a big fight between Anup and Jasleen. Jasleen was very pertified that due to Anup Jalota's carelessness, she got pregnant.  The couple then went for an abortion as Jasleen did not want to keep the child.

The model went on to say that Anup was often sceptic about his relationship with Jasleen and often felt that she is cheating on him. He felt that she had a boyfriend in a foreign country and was just using Anup Jalota to have a firm footing in the entertainment industry.

Earlier it was reported that Jasleen's father was very upset with all this news of an affair between his daughter and the elderly singer. He had made it clear that he would never accept this mismatched relationship and that he will have nothing to do with his daughter henceforth.