Want to learn salsa, speak french: Twinkle Khanna

Multi-faceted talent Twinkle Khanna (author, columnist, interior decorator, entrepreneur, doting wife and mother) has enhanced her identity with foraying into with "Pad Man". 

Raring to go at 43, she says salsa dance and speaking French are two skills she wants to learn. She said: "I look after my brain. Eventually, I will come to a point where looks will begin to fade and I'd have to rely on my brain until I get old and then I'd have nothing to rely on." 

Her advice on sharpening her brain is: "What you need is to learn a new skill. New skills forge and fire new neural connections. Learning the salsa and speaking French are on my list," said Twinkle, who is married to Bollywood star Akshay Kumar.

Amongst the many roles she takes on, the one she is most proud of is motherhood. Akshay and Twinkle have two kids - son Aarav (15) and daughter Nitara (5). On being raised in the media glare, she has realized the way to rightly raise kids in such an industry as they also have a superstar father just the way she did. 

Her approach to this is, "My husband and I really try to protect our children in the fishbowl that we live in. We are rather particular about it," says Twinkle. However she feels that beyond that, the world has changed. Admitting that the kids of this generation live in the world of social media, Twinkle feels that her children are more than equipped to handle it.

Whether her husband Akshay is ok with Aarav or Nitara making their Bollywood debut?

To which Akshay has replied in the past, “I just want to see him fulfil his dreams; I don’t want him to feel that he has to fulfil mine. Aarav writing a book and doing well in karate means more to me than when I bagged my own. The sheer pride and happiness he has given me and his mother is something he’ll never know till he has his own child. I have been there throughout his struggle; I know the pain he’s been through, and the kind of dedication it takes. But this moment, and his achievement, will never be taken away from him; he’s earned my respect for life.”

Here are some pictures of the couple together with their kids: