Want to improve your metabolism, get hands on right food items

New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) Metabolism holds an important role in your lifestyle, so it is important to improve it to have a perfect body. One can add food items like egg whites, garlic, lemon and oatmeal to have a strong metabolism, says an expert.

Sonia Narang, Nutrition Expert at Oriflame India, lists down foods that improve your metabolism without putting much effort. However, it is important to avoid over-consumption and consult your dietician before their intake to boost metabolism.

* Green tea: Green tea plays a key role in boosting your metabolism. You should add it in your daily diet regime more often. It has the presence of catechin polyphenols. It has zero calories, contains vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B and is a good source of manganese. Being a powerful antioxidant, it eliminates free radicals from the body. It also decreases appetite and prevents heart diseases by preventing blood clotting, decreasing bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol level.

* Egg Whites: The amino acids in egg white help in boosting the metabolism. Egg white has no fat, calories or cholesterol. It is an excellent source of protein which builds and repairs tissues, building blocks of bones, muscles and cells. Egg white is also a good source of vitamin B2, which helps in metabolic activities and energy formation. Protein in egg whites boosts immune system.

* Lemon: Besides being a healthy fruit, lemon is a natural detoxifier. It detoxifies liver, which helps in enhancing metabolic activities. 

* Oatmeal: A bowl of oatmeal is probably the healthiest breakfast you can have. It helps in raising the metabolic rate. Oatmeal has a high content of fiber, which aids digestion. The high amount of protein in it helps in muscle and bone formation. It is low in calories and fat. Vitamins present in oatmeal include vitamins B1, B5 and B6, and vitamin E. It is also rich in minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

* Ginger: Incorporating ginger in your diet is another best way of boosting your metabolism. It can boost metabolic rate by up to 20 per cent in three hours. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It reduces stress and improves immunity, thanks to its antioxidant property. It prevents heart diseases, reduces menstrual cramps and treats cold and flu, morning sickness and travel sickness. 

* Almond: Almond contains fatty acids which help in increasing metabolism. It is considered as one of the most nutritious nuts. It is high in fat and calories content. It has a good amount of dietary fiber. It is a rich source of vitamin E which strengthens the immune system. Its antioxidant properties aid in the removal of free radicals and toxins from the body. It is good for skin and hair. 

* Broccoli: It is a great metabolism booster due to its amazing combination of calcium and vitamin C. It is low in calories and saturated fat but high in fiber. It is an excellent source of vitamin C which is a powerful natural antioxidant. It also contains vitamin K and Vitamin A in good amount. 

* Spinach: Spinach has endless health benefits. It is low in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. It is an excellent source of vitamin K which is important for bone health. It also has a good amount of vitamin A which is beneficial for eye sight. It is a good source of minerals like iron, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc. 

* Garlic: Garlic helps in breaking down fat and increasing metabolism. Consumption of garlic prevents skin problems like acne, blemishes and blackheads, increases immunity and prevents cancer. It is rich vitamin B6 and vitamin C content. 

* Apple: Pectin found in apple helps in increasing metabolism. Also it contains low cholesterol, calories and fat. Apples have powerful antioxidant properties due to the presence of flavonoids like quercetin, epicatechin, procyanidin B2 and vitamin C.