Want to do business? Do it Pulse way.

Can you imagine the candy you buy from small shops can make 100 Crores in 8 months?
The Economic Times reported sales of the candy crossed 100 crores.
Noida based DS Group, the makers of Baba Chewing tobacco, Pass Pass mouth freshener and Rajniganda Pan Masala launched Pulse 8 months back has taken the Indian candy market by Storm, a hard boiled candy like Kaccha Aam Pulse was launched as pilot project in 3 States Rajasthan, Gujrat and Delhi and later on extended to other parts of Maharashtra. 
Demand  is so high that, that company is able to meet only 60-70% of it, said Shashank Surana Vice President( New Product Development) DS Group.
Candy is usually sold in single pieces but consumers are buying in bulk, 5 to 10 at one go. "We never expected this demand. Placement of the Pulse initially was to test the market, said  Shashank Surana. 
Pulse was launched under Pass Pass for the Confectionary Business for just about 3% of DS Group total revenue