Want to become a big music director: Hard Kaur

Mumbai: Singer-rapper Hard Kaur, who has lent her voice to numerous hit songs, says she wants to become a big music director. "As people weren't listening to me, I myself became a music director. And now my songs have come in four films, and more are coming as well. I am working on it. I wish to become a very big music director," she said. Hard Kaur, who is popular for her songs like "Char Baj Gaye" and "Move Your Body", is coming up with a new single titled "Sherni", the teaser of which is already out. She is producing the song under her own label Future Records. About deciding to produce this song, she said: "I wanted to do something different and I obviously am financing it. This is not a party song, so there is a problem for investment as peopleo think that such songs don't sell. This song is very personal and was important as it is a full-on girl power song." She had created the song four years ago and decided to bring it out only after her friends urged her to. About the decision to come up with the song so late, she said: "I didn't know whether people are ready or not. I thought, 'I want to bring it out, I want to do real hip-hop. Why did I start music?' I had started music to do real hip-hop. Now I have established my name and in the history, my name will go as the first Indian female rapper all over the world. "I made my mother's and India's name proud. But am I happy or not? No, because I am not making the music I want to make... I have been waiting since nine years to do such a song. First thing was to educate the country about hip-hop, rap. Today, everybody knows what is rap, all sing it, so now it is to take it to the next level, like what exactly is rap." "Sherni" will be out on Youtube on July 26.