Want to beat your Monday blues? Watch Dhoni's daughter video

New Delhi, Nov 27: Indian wicket-keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni's daughter Ziva is gradually becoming a social media star with her adorable videos. Recently, the cute munchkin of Sakshi and Dhoni was seen making round chapati. The video of Ziva making chapati has already gone viral. 

The video highlighting Ziva making rotis that too round has been liked by many users on social media. It has also amused many that at such tender age Ziva is able to make chapatis. 

Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni frequently share the photos and videos of cynosure of their eyes Ziva on Instagram. Few days back, the video of Dhoni and Ziva eating 'Ladoo' went viral. Few days before Diwali, Dhoni posted a video of 'Ladoo Attack' with his daughter Ziva, in which he and her daughter were seen fighting each other to eat laddoo.

Ziva is very famous on social media and her account has also been created on Instagram by Dhoni and his wife. This is not the first time when Dhoni's daughter is in the headlines. About three months ago, a video on social media went viral, in which she was seen singing Malayali song. 

See the cute video and check the shape of chapati made by Ziva: