Wah!Yogi gives bitter medicine to Govt doctors..close private clinics

Lucknow: After the babus, it was the turn of doctors to come under fire from UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Yog warned doctors not to ignore government hopsitals for their private clinics and also directed them to give more time to patients.

While addressing doctors at the King George’s Medical University, Yogi accepted that there was a shortfall of 5 lakh doctors in the state and said there was a need to improve medical facilities and provide affordable healthcare.UP CM promised six AIIMS like institutes and 25 new medical colleges in the state over the next 5 years.

Then came the warning in garb of advice. “If a doctor talks to his patient politely, half the ailment disappears. These days doctors do not even spare a minute for patients, by seeing the report they pen down the medicines and ask the patient to leave,” Yogi said adding that the doctors should spend at least 4 minutes on each patient.

Yogi then warned government doctors not to set up private clinics.