Wah! Yogi throws out `dalals' from RTO office

Ghaziabad: Chaos gripped the Regional Transport Office (RTO) here on Wednesday after it enforced Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's 'No Agent' policy in its premises.

Devoid of "agents" who would charge a fee to help out the illiterate and barely educated, hundreds swamped the RTO, leading to confusion and bitterness.

Women and the elderly complained that they could hardly approach the dealing windows because of the surging crowds.

A senior officer at the RTO, A.P. Singh, said the office had implemented the government rule of direct communication with applicants without any middleman or broker.

He declined to comment on the suffering caused to women and senior citizens.

One visitor, J.R. Singh, complained that the infrastructure at the RTO was poor and no benches and fans were installed outside windows for senior citizens.

"And there is no culture of forming queues. So the mighty get their work done by bypassing others waiting for their turn," he said.