Wah! Salman earns Rs 227 crore, know how

We say what’s in a name? This phrase goes wrong if your name is "Salman Khan" who's brand himself. If its Eid release, it is Salman's day that B-town trend followed till date.

Here's another example to know the brand value of the Dabangg Khan. Recently Salman released the poster of his upcoming film "Tubelight" on his twitter handle and ever since his fans have gone berserk over it.

Sony Music has paid a whopping 20 crores for music rights of "Tubelight" making it Sony Music’s first ever acquisition of Salman Khan Films, other than this, NH Studioz have acquired the Indian theatrical release rights of the "Tubelight" for 132 crores.

"Tubelight" will also be released in China and as per the reports, a Chinese company has acquired the theatrical rights for Rs 75 crores.

The addition of these figures makes 227 crores, which shows the brand value of Salman Khan

"Tubelight" made on a budget of Rs 100 crore, is already a profitable venture. And we are yet to add theatrical collections and satellite rights to it, which already makes ‘Tubelight’ a humongous blockbuster.

Salman's Tubelight is all set to release on Eid, June 23.