Vishnu Temple below Babri Mosque: former ASI director KK Mohammed

New Delhi: A Vishnu Temple existed  where the Babri mosque is located  now in Ayodhya. Former Regional Director (North), Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), K.K. Mohammed has reiterated his stand. He added that he part of the team that excavated the area in 1977-78, amd during the excavation ruins of a temple were found.

“I cannot say that it was a Ram temple or the Ram Janmabhumi is located there. But I’m pretty sure that a temple existed in the area as we unearthed a ‘vishnu hari sila phalak,’ which has inscriptions praising Lord Vishnu,” Mr. Mohammed was quoted as saying by the Hindu.

The former ASI director feels that the Muslims do not have any emotional attachment with the mosque and should agree to a  University or a hospital to be built there. “Muslims have no emotional attachment to the mosque. It has nothing to do with the Prophet, caliphs or saints. It was built by a Muslim ruler. That’s all. We have had many mistakes in history. Ghazni, Ghouri, or Aurangazeb, whoever has committed it, we need not defend it. Lets move on,” he added.