Viral video: Old woman is thrashed and pulled by hair mercilessly by Pune police

Pune old woman thrashed

Vinod Jagdale, News24 Bureau, July 11: The cruelty of Pune Police has once again come to the fore where they are seen mercilessly beating an old woman and dragging her in the street, pulling her hair. 

The only fault of the poor old lady was that she was selling tea at the roadside which took care of the medical expenses of her ailing old husband and somehow makes her both ends meet.

In the video, it can be seen that the old woman's daughter-in-law is being forcefully taking inside the police van. The old woman objects to the and the woman police officers could not digest this resistance. The very next moment they are seen pulling the old lady by the hair and the poor lady was beaten black and blue and then left on the road, wailing.

The video has gone viral and there is a lot of unkind words for the Pune police.