VIRAL: Gunshots fired at Ravindra Jadeja wedding ceremony

Ravindra Jadeja surrounded by a new controversy after sangeet ceremony "talwarbazi skills show",  this time gunshots were fired in his wedding ceremony. It all happened just a feet away from cricketer  where  Nine Rounds were fired. Rajkot Police is still investigating as gun firing is the punishable offense and it could lead the convict to 3 years if found guilty!


A Recent video of Gun Shots being fired at Ravindra Jadeja wedding ceremony has gone viral on social media. In the video we can see Ravindra Jadeja on a horse while an undisguised man in a black coat is seen upholding a revolver and firing 9 gunshots


As per Indian laws even a person holding an arms license cannot fire gunshots unless it is for self-defense.

The cricketer could have taken some responsibility after sangeet ceremony controversy but Jadeja seems busy in personal affairs and everything happened before him.

Ideally, the cricketer should have taken the responsibility to stop this unlawful act that too at his wedding ceremony.  Holding the social status in the society where cricketers are a role model to millions of cricketing fans around the globe, a social responsibility is endowed upon them to lead with a good example but here we didn't see the Indian cricketer do anything about the situation. Such irresponsible behaviour should be dealt strictly. 

Ravindra Jadeja is all set to get married today to Riva Solanki daughter of HardevSingh Solanki who is the contractor in Rajkot. With such big names involved in this case, we are eager to see how the authorties deal with this case. For more updates keep reading