VIP gundas will go to jail, promises Yogi top cop..warns gaurakshaks

Lucknow: UP CM Yogi Adityanath will keep his promise to end 'goondagardi' in UP through his new top cop. Speaking for the first time after taking over as UP DGP, Sulkhan Singh vowed to crush "gundagardi" in the state. He warned and warned that even VIPs and gaurakshaks would not be spared.

"Those indulging in 'goondagardi' and criminal activities will be dealt without mercy. They cannot escape. And even VIPs will not be spared," the 1980-batch IPS officer said without mincing words. "Uniform action will be taken against any wrong doer. There will be no bias, whosoever the culprit is or whatever political connection the person flaunts," he added.

“Anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau raksha” DGP said on Saturday, adding that he has the backing of the CM to crack down on lawbreakers.

He assumes charge at a time when there is mounting criticism of the force’s alleged moral policing in the name of crackdown on Romeos. There are also allegations that police is going soft on growing incidents of vigilantism by self-styled cow protectors.

 “Action will be taken on anyone indulging in vigilantism in the name of gau raksha or anything else, no one has the right to intervene,” Singh said.“The personnel on duty for anti-Romeo squads will act and take action only on people with objectionable behavior,’ Singh added.

Singh said his priority would be ensuring unbiased policing.

The new DGP promised to take action against the corrupt policemen. “Corrupt cops will face the music,” Singh said, adding," My top priority would be to make policing humane and courteous." the DGP said.

Singh said policing should be impartial and the objective is to ensure relief to the common man.

"Police should avoid high-handedness as every citizen belongs to the state. No one is an outsider," he said.

As DGP, Singh said his priority was the safety and security of women, who should feel safe even in the late hours.

In reply to a question, he said though he has come to know about IS sympathisers in the state through the media, he would look into this challenge also on a priority basis and asserted that the force was highly capable to deal with any situation.

When asked about the sagging morale of the police force in view of over 100 cases of assault and killing of the men- in-khaki, Singh said that it was a contentious issue. "But, definitely if there is any demoralisation in the force, I would address it on top priority," he said.

Singh, who enjoys an impeccable track record, was shunted to posts quite below the level of his seniority during the previous SP regime. During the BSP rule between 2007 and 2012, he had probed the police job scam during the SP government, when Mulayam Singh Yadav was the CM (2003-2007).

His report indicted several IPS officers. In 2012, when SP came to the power again, he was sent to PTC, Unnao as a principal, a post far below his rank.

Another landmark in his career was prison reforms as IG jails.He has worked for human rights of prisoners and improving facilities for inmates.