Video:OMG! Hasina, Modi asked to 'step down' in public..then this happened

New Delhi: It's a moment that Indian and Bangladeshi PMs will not forget. It is rare, but it happened with the two PMs. Usually opposition parties ask PMs to "step down", but in case of these two PMs, it was a common man who asked the two to "step down" in full public view.

Both, Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina and Indian PM Narendra Modi shared laughed their heart out when the MC at their joint briefing requested both of them to "step down". It happened during the joint briefing which followed their  bilateral meeting. At the meeting they had agreed on 22 MOUs. Both PMs did a ceremonial signing on stage for the media. Then they were supposed to come down from the elevated podium. It is at this point that the MC managing the show said,"

May I request the two Prime Ministers to now please step down."

Both PMs took a second to realise what MC said. PM first smiled then started laughing. He was joined by Hasina, and both had a good laugh for a minute.